Traci Edwards


Traci Edwards was born and raised in the Birmingham area. After studying art and art history at UAB, people paid her to design things and she won some awards for designing those things. Her work is published in the book Gig Posters II, which is currently available at major booksellers.

Over the course of Traci's career, she has made protest signs for vegetables, wrangled a temperamental dog model into a Princess Leia wig, and transformed a local politician into a superhero. In other words, she gets the job done...well done.

Likes: dystopian fiction, dogs, The Black Keys, Gene Kelly, The Golden Girls, NYC, summer, dance parties, and the Oxford comma.

Dislikes: inequality, black-eyed peas, winter, when people misuse “your” and “you’re.”


  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Web Design